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I work full-time in London and spend most of my free time travelling the world and taking pictures. My favourite countries visited to date include Chile, Georgia, Greece, Myanmar, Norway and Oman. I am a major fan of remote territories pretty much anywhere in the world and have visited the likes of the Falkland Islands (where my marriage was registered), Greenland and Svalbard. I hope you will enjoy my stories and photos... Read more

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Eurovision 2017: Portugal ends decade-long wait for victory

There were few surprises in this year’s Eurovision Song Contest. Having held, for years, the unenviable record of winless Eurovision participation, Portugal finally took the trophy home. The country’s song...

Anjci All Over

A whirlwind visit to Pristina: My love affair with the Balkans

For years, the Balkan countries have been one of my favourite regions to explore. I caught the Balkan bug in 2009, when, spontaneously, I jumped on a train from Athens...

What not to say to a travel addict

Over the years, I have grown used to hearing the same recurring feedback on my travels. Ranging from positive to relatively dismissive, it has made me notice that people from...

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