Sunday, 26 March 2006

На ночь глядя

Слишком много всего происходит. Море переживаний, впечатлений, радостей, разочарований. Я всё это осмыслить не успеваю - чтоб ещё увековечить в LJ, и вовсе речи нет. Тем более, что совесть не позволяет "выложить" пост в неопрятном формате. Надо обязательно черновик прогнать через полдюжину редактировок, да и потом "редакция" может забраковать. Am I a nerd?

Люблю Ригу, где на компьютере есть кириллица. Скучаю печатать по-русски! Последнее время и думать на своём-родном не очень-то получается. Сны вижу на англо-шведском, причём шведский в моих снах намного грамотнее, чем в жизни. Руки чешутся написать, что кошмары посещают исключительно на финском - но нет, неправда. Кошмаров давно не наблюдалось.

Пишу ни о чём, так как всё равно всего не расскажешь, да и балдею я, товарищи, пиша по-русски со скоростью 2 слова в минуту. Да, лечу в Лондон на 2 дня 6-го апреля, на UBS Graduate Conference! Серьёзность мероприятия катастрофически не ощущается. Я уже составила список заветных магазинов, включая Esprit и Next - пока ещё на дизайнеров не перешла, извините уж. Интересно, как долго надо пробыть в investment banking, чтобы начать воротить нос от одежды для "простых смертных"...


Saturday, 11 March 2006

Welcome, white phase - hang on a while

It has been long since I last wondered if I could be happier.

I have definitely entered my white phase. All problems with my Finnish Professor have been successfully settled, and I will be able to graduate before July this year. I can hardly believe that those tough months in Finland will have paid off with an MSc degree. I guess it is not a degree from the London School of Economics or the likes of Oxford or Cambridge, but my old Hanken is a good school and typically provokes a "wow" reaction from local Nordic inhabitants. As long as I begin my career in London (which is now certain), it will not matter which European graduate school I went to. In the U.S., it would be tougher to conceal a second-rate degree, as schools compete much more fiercely. Anything short of the Ivy League would throw me off the recruiters' elegible candidates list!

I have always wanted to live in two or more locations at once. Here is my chance! For the next two months, I am hopping between Helsinki and Riga endlessly. The schedule comes as follows: 2 weeks in Helsinki, 10 days in Riga, 1 week in Helsinki, 2 weeks in Riga, 2 weeks in Helsinki, 11 days in Riga, 11 days in Helsinki - after which, hopefully, my Thesis will receive enthusiastic reading by Hanken Evaluation Committee followed by unanimous approval on 6 June. I might have to come for Hanken Graduation on 21 June - according to the plan - but, unlike in Latvian universities, graduation events have monthly frequency in Finland - which means they are not as special and essential to attend. A round of applause to AirBaltic for the super-offer of 27.80 LVL return fare between Riga-Helsinki. I can skip those ferries for once.

Currently in Helsinki, I am living in the centre and, importantly, alone. Good friends of mine are travelling, and their flat in Töölö is at my disposal. I do prefer it to that converted garage my acquaintances have in the outskirts, Puistola, for which they have the nerve enough to charge me money. At least now I am well-accommodated and have Internet to work on my Thesis all night, if need be. Hallelujah! :)