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Anjci All Over | Visiting Awaza Turkmenistan's surreal Caspian resort

Visiting Awaza: Turkmenistan’s surreal Caspian resort

Below is my story of visiting Awaza, Turkmenistan in September 2017. I watched in horror as dirty orange water poured out of the tap and into the sink, my outstretched...

Anjci All Over | Planning Travel in Turkmenistan

Planning travel in Turkmenistan: Misunderstood corner of Central Asia

Turkmenistan is a country full of unexplored corners with sights unmatched to anywhere else in world. Did you know, for example, that Turkmenistan is home to a striking canyon rising...

Journey through Iraqi Kurdistan in 40 photos

Iraqi Kurdistan proved to be a perfect place for a passionate photographer. When I visited the Kurdistan Region of Iraq recently, I did not know what to expect in a...

Anjci All Over | Iraqi Kurdistan Why it was so special

Iraqi Kurdistan: Why it was so special

When I travelled to the Kurdistan Region of Iraq not long ago, I didn’t expect to fall in love with the place. But it was love at first sight. I...

Anjci All Over | Visiting Iraqi Kurdistan

Visiting Iraqi Kurdistan: Queen’s welcome in the land of the Kurds

When I announced plans to visit Iraqi Kurdistan earlier this year, I encountered a variety of reactions. My mother immediately sent me a message full of exclamation marks and emotional...

Anjci All Over | What you may not know about Madagascar

What you may not know about Madagascar

Earlier this year I visited one of the world’s truly unparalleled places: Madagascar, a large and mysterious island southeast of the African continent. Prior to my trip, Madagascar had fascinated...

Anjci All Over | Planning solo travel in Madagascar

Planning solo travel in Madagascar

Madagascar was among the most difficult solo trips I have ever planned. I visited Madagascar for just under two weeks in April 2017. Not a big fan of large sprawling...

Anjci All Over | Antikythira

Antikythira: A forgotten island in the outskirts of the Aegean

You may have sooner heard about Antikythira’s “big sister”, the larger neighbouring Kythira. Having seen its popularity grow in the past few years thanks to a frequent ferry link with...

Anjci All Over

A whirlwind visit to Pristina: My love affair with the Balkans

For years, the Balkan countries have been one of my favourite regions to explore. I caught the Balkan bug in 2009, when, spontaneously, I jumped on a train from Athens...







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